1. Application range of Gantry Crane (Box Girder)

The gantry crane is welded by steel plate for facilitate placing and stacking the containers, the cantilevers was respectively added on both sides of the main girder. The moving speed of this kind of container crane is high. According to different voltage demands, we can make the adjustments for customers.

2. Main features and advantages of Gantry Crane (Box Girder)

   Box girder, high strength.
   Both girder ends with cantilever, spacious working place.
   High work level, high speed and high efficiency.

3. Main technical parameters of Gantry Crane (Box Girder)

Product Model MGx20 MGx35 MGx120
Lifting Capacity (t) 20 35 120
Height (m) 8 10 20
Span (m) 26 36 28
Cantilever length (m) 3 4 0
Crane travelling speed (m/min) 20 20 0-15
Trolley moving speed (m/min) 0-8 0-15 0-8
Trolley lifting speed (m/min) 2.5 2 0-2.5
Power (kw) 35 50 110